300 EUR
per month
900 EUR
per month
1500 EUR
per month
Location United States U.S and E.U Secret Peers only Asia, U.S and E.U Secret Peers
Capacity 1 TB 9 TB 100 TB
History 30 Days Back 60 DAYS 120 Days
Speed 100 MB /sec 100 MB /sec 125 MB/sec
Folders 10 50 Max 350
Min contract (months) 1 3 9
Discount per 1 year Contract 5% 10% 10%

Your Data is being constantly backed up all over the world, in case of a Natural catastrophe or power failure longer than 48hrs your data will always be safe and ready to deploy in any other AFILogistics Datacenter.

From Asia, North America, to Europe, 7 secure and discreet location has been select to backup all your data.

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