Flip USB Key Card 2Gb
16 eur
per Key card
Flip USB Key Card 4 Gb
25 eur
per Key card
Flip USB Key Card 8Gb
35 eur
per Key card
Flip USB Key Card 16Gb
40 eur
per Key card
FLIP USB Card Color print on both sides
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AFILogin Key Card is a solution to transform an USB KEY into a virtual smart card and recognized as such in the device manager.
As a simple credit card you the user can easily keep it in his/her wallet together with all other important cards.

AFILogistics can easily adapt this system into your in house logistics software, and maintained for you. this is one of hundred benefits that you have as VIP customer under AFI wing.





  • Windows XP, Windows Seven, Windows 8, Mac OS X, Linux Ubuntu, Linux, Mint, RedHat Linux.
  • An USB Port


Secure LoginThe software was design to support all the common smart card scenarios like :

  • Smart card logon using Active Directory without a password and without installing any components to the domain controllers
  • Smart card logon using in house logistics
  • SSL Authentication using Internet Explorer (or any CAPI compliant browser)
  • Digital Signature of emails using Outlook
  • Digital Signature of documents using Word
  • Encryption of documents using EFS or Bitlocker
  • VPN (ipsec using EAP-TLS or openVPN)
  • Wifi (WEP, WPA, WPA2 Enterprise with EAP-TLS)

The smart card emulation is also compatible with Remote Desktop and recognized by any computer having AFILogin Key Card installed.

At the opposite of our competitors (Rohos Logon Key, …), the password of the account is not stored, even encrypted, into the USB Key. Ask them what happens if the password is changed by the administrator ? We do not need also to add any components to the domain controllers which can lower their security or stability.

Because it is a software, it can be downloaded and configured instantly. You do not need to wait for days that the smart card or token you ordered is shipped. You can stop using passwords NOW.

That’s why AFILogin Key Card is a solution positioned between high security smart cards, complex to manage, and software tokens, not compatible with security API.

original_34668_8bTbu0NVczIpkeLkzBEiIhXcQSecure Design

AFILogin Key Card as been carefully design to protect private keys and the PIN.

Private data are encrypted twice : first using an USB Key fingerprint and second using a PIN derivate. Computation are made into the MD5 host process isolated from all other processes.

Not only the USB is registered but also the Device so the user can only login with the AFILogin Key Card into the authorised devices.