FP7 picAFILOGISTICS Projects require the solving of a real-life business issue and learning by doing under AFILOGISTICS’s guidance.

AFILOGISTICS Projects have been a key element of the MEB programme since 1997. They offer small business, companies or institutions the opportunity to get familiar with an industry or a function in two different countries. Working with a different company each semester, small business, companies or institutions gain the easily transferable and highly valuable skills, knowledge and abilities (SKA) needed in today’s workplace.

Supervised by an AFILOGISTICS tutor, small business, companies or institutions work in diverse teams (both academically and ethnically) on a consultant basis for a real-life client. Students can develop their hard and soft skills in a context close to the workplace, all the while applying the latest theory learnt in the classroom. The teams of small business, companies or institutions stay in close contact with the client company itself, with a representative acting as their ‘partner’ throughout the project.

AFILOGISTICS small business, companies or institutions conclude their AFILOGISTICS Project with a greater confidence and adeptness in areas such as:


  • Team building and groupware
  • Organisation, planning and proposal development
  • ProblemĀ solving and decision making on automatic logistics systems
  • Research, diagnostic and strategic analysis on software and hardware
  • Client relationship management for international market
  • development of recommendations
  • Presentation and negociation for logistics
  • Delivering reports
  • ECO Energy solutions for logistics