Your Support. Your Universe. Your Rules.

 eticket2Bend it to your workflows to one simple point solution

Bring in your business rules, automate workflows and manage escalations. Customize AFI Logistics e-ticket2 so deep you can hear your customer satisfaction echo!

Just support. Let your systems work for you.

Automate all your housekeeping so you can focus on just smiles

You have your super elite team of agents all trained and ready to give your customers their best support experience ever. Your agents put on their headsets and log in to your helpdesk, all ready to stun your customers! Oh wait, they first need to run through all the tickets you have received, categorize them right, set the priorities and have them assigned to the right person for the job. What a drain!

Remember all those things you need to do in your help-desk but do not enjoy? AFI Logistics e-ticket lets you automate them all. Like filing incoming tickets into the right queue, and following up on customers. Or looking out for you and triggering alerts. Or even saving you the hours you spend composing replies.

Automate Ticket Categorization, Prioritization and Dispatch

The Dispatch’r is your smart helpdesk coordinator, built into AFI Logistics e-ticket. With the Dispatch’r, every incoming ticket gets automatically categorized and prioritized and even assigned to the right agent or support group within your team automatically. That means you can choose to have specific tickets automatically routed to the right agents or support groups within your team before your agents even log in!

Knowledge base

Now our e-ticket system poses knowledge base so not only us but you can document and process the new procedures and FAQs