windows-7-software-iconIntegrate end-to-end logistics and fulfillment processes with AFILogistics software

and AFILogistics in-house software.


Reduce cost and enable real-world awareness in your supply chain with auto-identification (auto-ID) and item serialization solutions from AFILogistics. Supply network traceability software can allow you to sense and respond to the presence and movements of objects in real time, and provide a foundation for generating business value.

Minimize risks, impact, and recovery time from adverse events – and enhance your products with exception management, tracking, authentication, and integrity assurance – with RFID-enabled supply chain management.

  • Automate and benefit from automated data discovery, granular data, and automated event processing
  • Improve accuracy as well as shipping, receiving, and handling speed
  • Comply with mandates dictated by government, trade associations, and business partners
  • Improve asset tracking and tracing, maintenance, and utilization – resulting in reduced downtime
  • Lower risk by leveraging existing skill sets, infrastructure, systems, and enterprise software

Bottom lines look a lot better when companies effectively and efficiently source, store, move, and deliver products. Boost your profitability with integrated, single platform logistics and fulfillment software solutions from AFILogistics.

  • Reduce inventory costs and increase asset utilization
  • Manage complexity through network-wide visibility
  • Improve collaboration and ensure compliance
  • Consistently deliver the right product to the right place at the right time

Warehouse management software


Plan, source, transport, and deliver better than ever with extended warehouse management software

Acquire the end-to-end execution tools you need to better plan and execute across the supply chain. With an extended warehouse management (EWM) solution, you can gain control over your warehouse efficiency, transform your operations, and increase your competitiveness.

  • Control warehouse processes and manage movements in the warehouse and your trailers in the yard
  • Mitigate problems and issues with improved warehouse efficiency
  • Transform operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain that can share its resources
  • Respond faster to challenges and changes in supply and demand – improving competitiveness

Optimize freight and shipping operations with transportation management solutions from AFILogistics

Enable your supply chain to ship freight when and where you need it – especially if you need it quickly – with transportation management software from AFILogistics. Consolidate orders, optimize shipping and freight across your company, and maximize returns on transportation costs.

  • Quickly confirm stop events or report a delay
  • Display freight order details and report the status of deliveries on a mobile device
  • Increase competiveness with options for freight tendering and track your freight as needed
  • Streamline processes for assigning and tendering shipments to carriers
  • Consolidate orders and optimize shipments from centralized locations or distributed units
  • Select carriers, calculate freight costs, settle shipment costs, and print documents