Stuff you need to know

Before downloading Simple Invoices there are a few things you first need to be aware of


Simple Invoices is a web based application that you install on your server or pc. Read the sections below for more info on this.

If you don’t have a server or need assistance or hosting please refer AFILogistics Services for a list of Simple Invoices possibilities, we can provide you with Simple Invoices hosting – think google apps but for invoicing


  • Simple Invoices is a web based application
    • this means that any PC or device that has a web browser can use Simple Invoices
    • this also means that for you to access Simple Invoices it first needs to be installed on a server or PC that has
      • PHP
      • A web server available (normally Apache)
      • and the MySQL database server
      • refer: requirements for the best way to install these

Servers? what’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

  • Put simply
    • Simple Invoices needs to live on a server or PC with the required server software installed
    • you can then access Simple Invoices by using a web browser
    • The benefit of Simple Invoices being a web based application is that it can work on any system that has a web browser – be that Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, etc..
    • but the downfall is that it can be a pain in the ass to setup
  • but i don’t have a server!! – refer below

This is to complex!

  • We agree – this is why the AFILogistics Simple Invoices was created
  • Here you can find service providers that offer Simple Invoices hosting and installation services to make your life easier
    • Hosting is you using Simple Invoices that is already installed and setup on our servers
    • Installation service is the installation of AFILogistics Simple Invoice for you on your private dedicate server